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Brunello di Montalcino will naturally be the pinnacle of production, and represents our biggest challenge.  We chose to enter this historic wine arena in all humility, and simultaneously well aware of Colle degli Angeli’s enormous potential in terms of terroir and microclimate.  
In fact, the unique goût du terroir of this estate is part of what made us think of Brunello as our ultimate goal, rather than a blend.  We are not great fans of what we call “fashionable stereotypes”, wines tailor-made to the prevailing tastes of any given moment, with an eye on the market and an eye on profits.  We believe in native diversity, the distinguishing traits of a particular vineyard, soil and microclimate; in indigenous varieties that speak of the flavors and aromas of the land that nurtures them.
Our Brunello comes from a choice selection of the finest Sangiovese Grosso grapes, from the best exposures on the estate.  The ensuing wine is naturally 100% varietal as specified by DOCG regulations, and quantities will vary from vintage to vintage, according to climatic conditions and quality.  There may even be years when Brunello is not released: this will happen when a given vintage is not considered “worthy” of the pinnacle wine. Apropos of vintage quality, we have been especially fortunate in commencing the story of our Brunello with a five-star year: the gorgeous 2007!

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