Senses and sensibility

Tasting is the pleasure of expectation, memory and discovery: a sensory experience where the present is magnified to its utmost potential, past tastings remembered and compared, future ones imagined as we forecast the development of a given wine. 
Color, bouquet, flavors…  Tasting is said to be a complementary art to that of music, stimulating every sense except the ear.  The wine’s is a silent symphony of sensations and impressions, the taster’s a ritual of joyful gestures and measures.
We have striven for quality, character and complexity with every painstaking step in the vineyard and winery.  We wanted to bottle our own dream wine, one worthy of the glorious tradition of Montalcino and the potential of “Angels’ Hill”. 

From vineyard to winery

Training system is the spurred cordon.  Winter pruning is manual, so as to obtain 3/4 stalks bearing 2 buds each.
Vineyard management alternates grassing over, harrowing between rows and clear cutting depending on requirements.  About a month after budding, when vine shoots reach the last wire, summer pruning is carried out so as to eliminate excess shoots.  The vines are also topped and trimmed so as to contain vegetation.  Further down the vegetative cycle, when véraison has occurred – i.e. the grapes have turned dark in color – bunches are thinned on the vine, so as to pick no more than 1.5 kilos of grapes per vine at time of harvest.  Finally, just after the season has reached its peak in intensity of sunlight, defoliation is carried out in order to allow fruit to ripen completely.

Grapes are handpicked by reliable personnel rather than occasional help.  Harvesters have been trained to the winery’s quality standards, and harvest takes place in several stages according to conditions in every given vineyard, so as to maximize results. 

Grapes are mechanically soft-pressed and de-stalked at a controlled temperature, then the must is placed in small, stainless steel vats, where it is cooled by means of dry ice and the state-of-the-art refrigerating equipment.  Thus, the beginning of fermentation is delayed by some 36/48 hours.  Fermentation temperature is approximately 28° C (82.4° F) and fermentation itself lasts 15/20 days, with maceration on the skins for 30 days, all the time carrying out manual remontages, pumpovers and délestages.

Ageing in wood
Barrels of 10/15 hl. – barriques – tonneaux