Why choose wines from Paradisone Colle degli Angeli
Imagine one of the smallest agricultural businesses in the area of Montalcino, just 2 hectares planted with vines.
A size which allows for complete hands-on care and personal attention, with cultivation practices which can be accurately timed according to climatic conditions:
Inter-row working or even between plants , topping, pruning, cutting and eliminating shoots, and so on.
No delayed or insufficient intervention, maximum care and attention is assured, that kind, which only employed workers, and not casual labour, can guarantee.
Imagine a company, where manual labour allows for differentiated intervention on all five lots making up the company´s vineyard, adapting the work to be done row by row, if necessary.
Imagine someone who can proudly claim to know his vineyards probably better than his own pockets …
Imagine how many times these people walk along the rows, checking and observing the plants while working, aiming at that kind of satisfaction that comes from knowing how much your wine will be appreciated by aficionados.
The quality of the grapes gathered every harvest will be the result of these attentions. The workers will pass through the vineyard a number of times, collecting each time only the perfectly matured grapes, top quality and first choice grapes.
There is no second quality, as never more than hundred kilograms grapes per hectare will be harvested.
Imagine a company which produces four different selected wines and decides on the composition of the masses for maturing only after the racking off, assembling the best wines of each harvest, leaving them to age partly in small caskets, partly in big barrels, after careful selection.
When work in the cellars begins, every step of the wine-making process will be allocated the necessary time, in order to avoid as much as possible those treatments which could lower the varietal typicity, thereby defending the quality of this limited production.
This kind of company is Paradisone
Colle degli Angeli, or better still, is this group of individuals, whose main strength is working with passion and competence and – as is generally known – those who are personally involved and love what they do, are satisfied only when the achieved results are on a par with the efforts made.